31.05.13 We opened our boutique on Sat.01.06.13 at 10 AM. You are invited to taste the cake and look around!

18.06.13 We have lunched the GiftCards 10,20 and 50 EUR.Give a chance for receiver.


20.06.13 There are some world best aroma candles of ‘Yankee Candle’ available at our sore. Come in and indulge!


01.11.13 Based on our clients request, we are now opened on Saturdays


03.12.13 We have made available JOIK aroma candles.


11.12.13 If you find furniture from us that costs more than 1000 EUR and is indicated for shipment of 60 days , then we will expedite it have it available within 14 days for you!